Tired of Nonsense

I guess you have heard about “Innocence of Muslims” and all the protests around the world. The news is everywhere. Today, I would like to comment on this subject and talk about liberty of expression.

First, I have a lot of doubts that Muslims are so offended by this movie. I saw the movie myself. It is available on YouTube. To watch it, search for “Innocence of Muslims” because YouTube keeps removing it. Warning: You will probably not be offended by this movie based on its humorous style and its absence of hate speech. It does not mock Mohamed any more than we usually mock politicians.

To me, this film seems to be a pretext for violence. There are so many people in the Middle East living in very difficult conditions.The pressure is extreme and many will jump on the first occasion to express their anger. Anger that Imams won’t be afraid to use to promote their religious agenda. If this is true, censoring what we can say about Islam won’t help to maintain peace.

That being said, I would like to express my anger to all the people trying to limit our freedom expression when we want to criticize Islam or any other subject. I believe, like millions of others, that Islam is abject. I also believe that its so called prophet Mohamed was both a pedophile and a violent man. Now, because I say this, some are going to say that I am insulting people. Since when expressing an opinion or a disagreement is insulting people? If you invite a friend for dinner and in the middle of a conversation you express opposition, is your friend going to leave? If so, he or shet was probably not your friend anyway. I think there is a misconception here: attacking Islam is not attacking Muslims. I am not attacking Muslims in any way. Religion is a sensitive subject and everything said on a religion can be seen as a personal attack. But in reality, we must remember that they are two different things.

Back to the main question:“Why is criticizing Islam seen as insulting people?”. When are we going to say that we agree with someone else even if we don’t? I see two main reasons: fear and conformism Since Islam is expressed as a very violent religion by some, it is no surprise that some people will do what it takes to stay peaceful. As for conformism, when you are working in the media or as a politician, popularity is your main concern so expressing opposition won’t help you gain popularity.

What really drives me crazy is the fact that the Koran expresses an extreme level of violence against the ones who do not believe it. This is not a opinion but a fact. If you believe it is unkind to condemn Islam, that it is insulting people, it is maybe time to rethink your position. Too much oppression is expressed in the name of Islam and the ones suffering the most are Muslims themselves. A lot of Muslims are trapped in this religion and leaving Islam means for them being rejected by their friends and family.

And all this nonsense is putting humanity at risk If we want to live in a better world with more peace, more reason and more justice, we must move away from this retarded way of thinking. Here, I am not talking only against Islam but against fate and religion in general. The rejection of these ideas is necessary in order to fully embrace reason. Until then, there will be threats against the ones expressing the truth and we will continue to destroy humanity.

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