Pierre Thibault ― Let’s talk against Islam!

Let’s talk against Islam! Shall we? A lot of people feel uncomfortable about someone taking against Islam. They believe that doing so is disrespecting Muslims. If you do so, you’ll probably be labeled a xenophobe, racist, intolerant or extremist. But Islam is a religion. It is an ideology. Muslims are the people practicing the religion. This is two different things. Talking against Islam is like criticizing socialism or communism. It is simply expressing an opinion on a subject and, most of time, in the case of Islam, it does not involve attacking Muslims specifically.

But religion is a special subject in today’s society. Religion is taboo and legally above criticism. For example, here in Quebec, teachers of the class “Éthique et culture religieuse” are not allowed to criticize the main subject of this class: religion. No other subject taught in schools has this privilege. Why is this so? Probably because religion, for centuries or even millennia, has constantly attacked free speech with threats. This is violence. Criticizing religion, or any other subject, is not by nature expressing violence. But denying this right by intimidation or other forms is violence. This is unacceptable and this has to stop.

Islam, like other religions, demands conformity and is based on faith. There is no space for inquiry and reason. The choice is clear: Islam or death. Because Islam is not in the light of reason, it opens the door for arbitrary interpretations which leads people to commit abuse in the name of Islam.

Millions of people have been killed in the name of Islam and the massacres still continue today. Here is short list of things for which a person can receive (and often do receive), the death penalty for in the name of Islam:

  •     Honor crimes (when a woman gets raped, it is perceived as a dishonor for the whole family);
  •     Apostasy (the desire to go away from Islam);
  •     Adultery (only when the woman does it of course).

Other atrocities made in the name of Islam include sexually mutilating children, like the ablation of the clitoris for girls (excision), cutting hands for stealing, forced marriages (often with children or young teens), and the abuse of women (in Islam women are there to serve men so a husband does not need his wife’s consent for intercourse).

So much exaction is committed in the name of Islam and this is only possible because free speech is suppressed. While these crimes are mostly committed in the middle east and Arabic countries, censorship is very present in the Occident and there is reason to believe that incidences of these crimes will grow here too as free speech becomes suppressed.

A simple search on the internet will reveal that a lot of people have been arrested in the Occident for criticizing Islam. For example Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff , an Austrian citizen was convicted on the 15th of February in an Austrian court for ‘denigrating the teachings of a legally recognized religion’ namely Islam (http://islammonitor.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4102). Islam is the only religion that enjoys this privilege. Attack Christianity as much a you want and no police officer will knock at your door.

In the desire to accept others as they are, we’ve stepped back: Islam is a race, freedom is bad, our culture is inferior and we have to swallow a lie. Most people want justice, freedom, and equality. However, the idea behind Islam is to dominate the world and impose sharia: the Islamic law. As I said before, for Islam, there is only Islam and death. It is time to realize that the idealistic view we have of justice and freedom is not compatible with Islam and I definitely choose the first to the former.

What about Muslims in this story? Muslims are often categorized as either moderate or extremists. While for other people, Islam is simply a cultural reference. In this moderate/extremist view, extremists are the ones advocating violence while moderates are listening, approving the speech or simply remaining silent. And who could blame these people to remain silent if the fact of speaking can destroy their life? Islam is a trap. No one is helping any Muslims by remaining silent. Muslims have the right to practice their religion in peace but Islam is no excuse for censorship or for committing any crime.

So before it is too late, think about it. Liberty is precious and it is our duty to protect it. Today, we are loosing our liberty and the enemy is Islam. Talk before it is too late. A good thing to note is that more and more Muslims are starting to talk against the exaction of Islam. We can only encourage this initiative.

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2 Responses to Pierre Thibault ― Let’s talk against Islam!

  1. Mohammed A says:

    Here is the fundamental problem with the three Abrahamic religions: universality. The Abrahamic God is omnipotent, the king of the universe, and if he chose me and blessed me to be enlightened enough to find him, that gives me a privilege: I have rights over others, and others have responsibility that I don’t have. That is the source of many injustices: e.g. God (Yahweh/Allah) becomes gives land, sex, and political power to his chosen ones. In essence, the injustices against Saudi women and the Palestinians have come from this notion. Interestingly, God seems to always favor the powerful (political elite, religious elite, patriarchs) and he never lays down LAWS that protects citizens/women/children.

    So, seriously believing in Yahewh/Alla necessarily leads to violations of “apply to yourself the same standards you apply to others”. The majority of believers resort to their innate sense of justice (which is the product of evolution -since real jerks were less likely to pass down their genes, they didn’t take care of their offsprings) and don’t necessarily commit abuse. However, every so often, the toxic notion of “universality” gets picked up for political/social/sexual abuse.

    So I think a better case for “Reason” can be made when we dismantle the three religions at their fundamentals. If we pick embarrassing teachings/laws here and there we would only get into endless arguments with the apologists. Abrahamic religions (or should I say religion, since the three only differ at the surface) are big boxes containing many sticks (for the powerful) and many carrots (for the week and vulnerable, i.e. opium) and one can easily create flowers or bombs at will .. they are fluent and provide enough material to make anything out of them (which is the reason why they are very strong as memes). So we shouldn’t go into that game. Instead: demolish the fundamentals.

    Fortunately, our task (us being reasonable non-delusional people) is easy: the Hebrews weren’t very sophisticated in fabricating their mythology, they plagiarized most of the mythical elements from contemporary and preceding near eastern mythologies, so there is really nothing “True” about them and they are absolutely and provably historical (i.e. how they came about is so obvious). Two lectures at a 101 Religious Studies course reveals this.


  2. Mohammed A says:

    And since at least 60% of the Quran is from the Old Testament (my own estimate), what we say about the Old Testament (how it developed) applies to the Quran and it can no longer enjoys the “mysterious” nature of holiness.
    In the case of the New Testament, the task is even way easier. It is uncontroversial among scholars as to how Christian-specific mythologies are mutations of contemporary mystic religions.

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